Giveaway Winner and Happy Super Bowl!

Hope all you Bloom Babes are having a great Super Bowl Sunday!  Adam and I just got back from a great, relaxing and WARM week in Jamaica.  It has been nice to have today to unpack and get our lives back in order after living out of a suitcase.  

I am so excited to announce the winner of Bloom’s Among Friends Giveaway tonight!  As a newbie blogger it is so fun to see everyone’s responses.  I love that I asked for your favorite ways to prepare eggs because it left me incredibly inspired. From fried eggs in burgers to goat cheese in omelettes, ya’ll have made me want to get back on the wagon after a week in frozen drink paradise.  

Thank you for all your entries!  And, a BIG thanks to Among Friends for their amazing product for this giveaway.  Even if you aren’t a winner be sure to check out their store locator to find the products somewhere near you! 

And now without and further adieu….

The winner is BECCA!  

Becca shared her mother’s secret to Deviled Eggs– Horseradish!

… This is something my husband, the lover of all things spicy, would LOVE.

Becca- I will shoot you an email to figure out shipping the products to you!

Again, thank you all!  Enjoy the Super Bowl whether you are in it for The Seahawk’s, The Bronco’s, the commercials, the beer, or the food!

Here are a few fun Super Bowl Food Facts:

– Today is the second biggest day for most food consumption in America.  The first is Thanksgiving.

– Thanks to a career in the food industry, I am aware that ground beef prices have increased in the last couple weeks.  This is because it is the largest day of the year for beef consumption.  (… We are part of this trend… it’s chili for dinner tonight, complete with  frozen, summer sweet corn!)

– Dips are a Super Bowl Star.  Guacamole being a crowd favorite means that 208 million haas avocados will be consumed tonight.

– 1.25 Billion Chicken wings will be consumed this Super Bowl, according to the National Chicken Council, and it is also the 50th Anniversary of the Buffalo Wing.  In my book, that is something worth celebrating!

Enjoy!  Have fun!  And, may the best team >cough, BRONCOS, cough< WIN!!


Egg Series Day 7: Where to Find Fresh Eggs and A GIVEAWAY!

Woo Hoo!

It’s Day Seven of the Egg Series and it’s a fun one!


Having backyard hens is surprisingly pretty easy. But, what if you don’t have the space? What if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA that wouldn’t be thrilled with your new feathered friends? I grew up where the neighborhood made rules for maximum the number of dogs and cats a family could have (two of each), so I know this is a reality.

Where can you get fresh, pasture raised eggs?

We learned earlier this week that labeling is tricky in the grocery store and “Pasture Raised” isn’t a regulated term.

One of the best places to find eggs from chickens that spend much of their time moving around and feeding on grass is the farmers market. At the market ask the farmer’s about their hens so you can make the most informed egg choice. Likely, they will be proud of how well their hens are treated and the fabulous eggs they create.

Community Supported Agriculture groups or CSA’s are gaining tons of popularity. CSA’s are programs that connect farmers with consumers. They are often weekly deliveries of various farmer’s produce, meats, and eggs. Some are even customizable!

You can check out and to find CSA or Farmer’s Markets near you so you can get some local eggs and a lot more!

Speaking of getting more… Bloom’s having its first GIVEAWAY!

Among Friends, the natural cookie mix company I wrote about yesterday is sending me more cookie mixes to give away to a lucky Bloom fan!

unnamed (1)

Interested in these babies?

All the great flavors!

All the great flavors!

You should be.

To enter you have to do two simple things:

1. Hop onto Facebook and “Like” Among Friends, LLC’s page. They are a lot of fun to follow because they post lots of good information, like where you can find their growing brand, and they also post fun things that make you smile like this:


… And, I think I speak for the masses when I say I need more things in my newsfeed that make me smile.

And 2. Comment on this post below and tell me your favorite thing to cook with eggs!

I will announce a winner on Sunday, February 2 and you have ‘til midnight on February 1st to enter!